How to preserve Indonesian culture

Indonesia is a big country that is famous for its unique diversity. There are many rich cultures and ethnic groups. Culture is our identity and we must preserve that identity in order to preserve our nation’s place on Earth.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

             Culture is not something to be taken lightly. You may say that it’s just another piece of art – like break-dancing or baliganjur music, but it is truly on a whole other level. Cultures are values and norms, shaped by time, creat a specialty, a face, an identity within the arts that we see today. Culture makes you are there today that makes you different from everyone else.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many hindus youth do not understand their culture. In fact, today many people love cultures outside of Indonesian. We have an identity crisis. We as the younger generations are the owners of our culture, but why don’t we care and ignore it? part of our society confused about sense of ogoh ogoh festivals, they think that pengrupukan ritual only to show their new kebaya an new shirt, actualy sense of nyepi is peace in the world, keep parahyangan with Hyang Widhi, pawongan with other people and palemahan with our environment. Teenagers feel more beautiful if wear dress, jeans and hotpants. They said that traditional clothes are outdated. So, where is our kebaya and sarung ?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Wayang is the oldest and greatest form of telling our Indonesian epics. Remo dance, pendet, gambyong, saman, lilin , and another amazing dance is not only done by us. Foreigners also come to visit indonesia to learn it. Long time ago, hindus had many strong kingdoms, like mataram, kutai, tarumanegara, majapahit with wise leadership of patih gajah mada.Today, many foreigners continue to study this history, but our own Indonesian youth do not.

Dear audience,

            As I said before, culture is our identity and we should preserve it to preserve our nation’s place . Culture is an important factor of everyone’s life. So what can we do as  younger generation to preserve Indonesian culture?

First, Preserve local culture.

            We must study and learn the local culture because local culture is a source of national culture.  Local culture includes a society’s arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, inventions, technology, values and language. Speak your mother language. Now, if we forget pujan kasanga ritual, how our culture fifthy years later ?

Second, Love indonesian products.

            Indonesia’s young generation should be more aware and be proud of indonesian products.  Batik is one of the traditional clothes from indonesia.people are proud to wear batik not only because of its design but also its history. Altought my grandfather look so old, i believe he more handsome if wearing udeng.

Dear audiences

            The last one, let us joints Festivals. Joint with festivals can show that we are the owners of our cultures. Cultures can bring good solidarity to our society. Dont be shy to introducing our cultures to others. Culture are universal, amazing,beautiful and no violences. We should be proud  Be the one we are strong, cause indonesia always “bhineka tunggal ika”.

Honorable audience,

            Take care our cultural the diversity of Indonesia. We should be proud Let us do the best for tengger, Pasuruan, East Java, our country, our nations, our Indonesia!


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